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It allows them to wear an implanted contact lens instead of a removable one. However, nothing changes on the cornea.

Technology has transformed eye surgery – and the best is yet to come | Medtech Views

There are also no risks and side effects involved with wearing these implantable contact lenses. It provides a new and unique way of reshaping the conea.

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Wavefront incorporates a multitude of technologies such as lasers and microsensors. A light wave is reflected through the eye. Wavefront technology was used many years by astronomers who wanted to adjust their telescopes. It was just only introduced to this industry in recent decades when it was revealed that it could be used to correct human vision.

Technology has transformed eye surgery – and the best is yet to come

Patients no longer need glasses to read thanks to Laser Blended Vision. This technique was first started by Pro Dan Reinstein. It helps each eye to see whether up close or at a distance.

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Laser Blended vision still has a ways to go. Doctors and scientists are trying to come up with new ways and methods for improving this technique. Get our latest updates direct in your inbox. In PRK, just enough tissue is removed to reshape the cornea in a way that corrects vision.

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The initial healing process takes a week. In LASIK, a flap in the cornea is cut away to remove tissue from the inside layers of the cornea to correct vision. The recent advancement of Wavefront technology creates a detailed map of the eye, allowing for even more precise vision correction.

Progress has been made in each type of surgery. A move from broad beam lasers 6 to 8 mm diameter to flying spot lasers 0.

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Femtosecond lasers have replaced manual ones used for flap cutting, reducing intra-ocular complications related to flap cutting. The range of prescriptions suitable for refractive surgery has increased. Nearsightedness up to A procedure called refractive lenticule extraction-small incision lenticule extraction ReLEx-SMILE , a flapless laser eye or keyhole surgery, is accurate enough to avoid flap-related complications.

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It also has less biomechanical impact on the cornea because it preserves the strongest part of the cornea. Laser blended vision is a corneal laser eye surgery that takes about 10 minutes to perform in both eyes, heals in a few hours, and can correct 97 per cent of all people with bifocals or reading glasses by increasing the depth of field of each eye. Laser blended vision enables surgeons to avoid the outdated technique of replacing a clear permanent lens inside the eye. These people still require lenses to be inserted into the eye to correct their high prescriptions.

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Each type of surgery causes different symptoms, but in general all include pain ranging from moderate to severe for the first few days after the procedure, hazy vision during the healing process for up to one week after surgery, and regression. If this happens, a second operation is required. Dry eyes, poor night vision, and corneal ectasia, which is the weakening and bulging of the cornea, can take place. Severe cases may need to be treated with a corneal transplant or implant. Also, corneal infection may result in loss of vision.