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Third way, in politics, a proposed alternative between two hitherto dominant models, namely left-wing and right-wing political groups. Historically, the term third.

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Denis A. Rescuing Healthcare gets straight to the point, with a sharp diagnosis of our ills and a clear vision of where healthcare needs to go.

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Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Dr. Cortese and Antony Bell offer a detailed strategy to unite your organization around a common purpose, improve patient care, and succeed in a value-based environment. Skip to main content.

Great Leadership: What it is and What it Takes in a Complex World by Antony Bell -

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Sep Berger's book offers a practical answer by providing a developmental framework for learning and an approach to guiding people towards more empowering forms of thinking. The key question is: how do people develop from one stage of thinking to the next? How do they change their view of the world and their way of thinking?

Great Leadership

The great value of Berger's book is that this is the central focus. Having presented examples of situations where different modes of thinking lead to conflict, she walks the reader through processes that can help to bring the differences in thinking to the surface, and thereby make room for new approaches.

And perhaps this is the most important work that needs to be done in workplaces. Jennifer invites leaders and those of us engaged in developing leaders to be more precise in our support and to think anew about the role that organizational context plays.

This book calls on us to become more capable, agile, and better aligned with the increasing complexity of a global economy, while showing us how to stitch together an approach to our work that is fit for this task. You are holding it, and when you start reading it, it will hold you.

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  • How about: 1 transform the culture you're part of; 2 transform a meeting or conversation you're in; and 3 transform your own mind? Want to learn how?