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Finally, we consider neuroendocrine processes associated with increased stress reactivity as risk factors for mental health conditions that plague women. We conclude with recommendations for clinicians to consider treatment plans that are sensitive to the effects of cycle phase on stress. Keywords: stress , hormones , women , cortisol , cardiac vagal control , cardiovascular reactivity.

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Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology 6. The Pupillary System 7. The Skeletomotor System: Surface Electromyography 8. The Electrodermal System 9. Cardiovascular Psychophysiology Respiration The Gastrointestinal System The Sexual Response System Reproductive Hormones Psychological Modulation of Cellular Immunity Psychosocial Factors and Humoral Immunity From Homeostasis to Allodynamic Regulation Interoception Motor Preparation Foundations: 1.

Strong inference in psychophysiological science John T. Cacioppo, Louis G. Tassinary and Gary G. Berntson; 2. A neuroscience framework for psychophysiology Haozhe Shan and Peggy Mason; 3.

Handbook of Psychophysiology

Neuropsychology Bryan Kolb and Ian Q. Whishaw; Part II. Systemic Psychophysiology: 4.

Fundamentals of functional neuroimaging Stephan Geuter, Martin A. Lindquist and Tor D. Wager; 5.

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Electroencephalography and event-related brain potentials Steven J. Luck and Emily S. Kappenman; 6. High-performance electrophysiological microsegmentation and brain source localization Stephanie Cacioppo; 7. The somatic system Louis G.

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Tassinary, John T. Cacioppo and Eric J.

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Vanman; 9. Cardiovascular psychophysiology Gary G. Berntson, Karen S. Quigley, Greg J.

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Norman and David L. Lozano; The electrodermal system Michael Dawson, Anne M. Schell and Diane L. Filion; The respiratory system Tyler S. Lorig; Gastrointestinal system Max E. Levine, Eric R. Muth, Peter J. Gianaros, Kenneth L. Koch and Robert M. Stern; Sexual response Erick Janssen and Nicole Prause; Ambulatory and non-contact recording methods John W. Rohrbaugh; Behavior genetics: from heritability to gene finding Michel Nivard, Conor V.

Handbook of Psychophysiology

Dolan, Christel M. Middeldorp and Dorret I. Boomsma; Functional genomic approaches to psychophysiology Steven W. Cole; Psychoneuroimmunology Michael R. Irwin and George M. Slavich; Part III.