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Third way, in politics, a proposed alternative between two hitherto dominant models, namely left-wing and right-wing political groups. Historically, the term third.

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At the time we were so blissfully ignorant of a lot of stuff. Back then in the quote unquote scene, our music didn't necessarily align with the Warped Tour sound but we were able to carve out our own space.

It was so supportive. It's easy to forget that you were on Warped Tour with Katy Perry, who you collaborated with for "Starrstrukk," which also has one of the strangest music videos of all time. How did that come about?

Touching on Warped, it was such a launching pad for artists you wouldn't necessarily expect. With Katy, we'd spent a whole summer with her on tour. This was right when "I Kissed a Girl" came out, so her career really launched and grew so fast. We wanted to collaborate with her and had the opportunity to do a remix of our song "Starstrukk" and it was so cool. She's been a good friend over years, on top of being an amazing singer and amazing artist she's a fun and great person. We actually went on tour with her in Europe on her first tour and had a lot of fun.

The ethos of the tour as a whole was so great, providing a place for young people to go, an affordable music festival. Every band would do a meet and greet every day. Breaking down those walls was important for us because we're just regular fucking people, you know? In the next phase of your career you worked with Kesha, which must have been cool too. That happened through a friend of ours Benny Blanco, who was our producer back in the day.

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We did some songs with him and Dr. He'd just signed Kesha and was like, "You guys should do a feature with this person. So a friendship definitely evolved as well as a collaboration, and we're so lucky to have done that with Katy and Kesha. Artists like Lil Jon, too.

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I assume you wouldn't have had any idea that that stuff was allegedly happening. No, we didn't. We had our own experiences with Luke that weren't great. As an artist at the time you had to take the ups and the downs and try to get through them. People have so much nostalgia for that MySpace era. You just did a year reunion tour. Why do you think people have such affection for that time?

The music you grow up with in your early teens, middle school and high school, it's a very formative time in your life. We consider ourselves fortunate that we can be part of that renaissance, that rebirth of that stuff. It was so fun to get back out on the tour and revisit those songs and relive those times, chat with people one on one about where they were.

We've met a lot of people who met their husband or wife at a 3OH! These pearls need cleaning out of their shell But my hands don't seem to move No I'm not falling, no suicides, so trust me I am fine I live in my bubble, the Pisces kind So struck and out of line You feel two hearts beating, bleeding away, oh they're fighting all the time That's more than I could ask for, cause this pain don't seem to move I'm just a sensitive being but trust me, I'm telling you I'm fine Oh just stop asking, you see this stupid smile I promise I'm okay, don't make me loose it all That's what I have to say, don't get me wrong I'm just There's nothing wrong with me, oh trust me that I am Don't fall either way No regrets or anxiety Don't fall either way No regrets or anxiety Oh just stop asking, you see this stupid smile I promise I'm okay, don't make me loose it all That's what I have to say, don't get me wrong I'm just There's nothing wrong with me, oh trust me that I'm fine There's nothing wrong with me, oh trust me that I'm fine Trust me that I am Trust me that I am.

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Bobby Womack - I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much