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Marines on Iwo Jima, Volume 2. Bomb Alley. David Yates. The Generals. Winston Groom. Joseph A. Fire From the Sky. Robert Stem. World War 2 In Review No. Merriam Press. Britain's Future Navy. John R. U-boats of the Kaiser's Navy.

Gordon Williamson. Battle of Matapan Mark Simmons. Fire Support Vehicles Military-Today. A Brief History of the U. Imperator : one of the two Largest Ships in the U. The Ship that Held the Line. Lislie Rose. US Fast Battleships — Lawrence Burr.

US Submarines 1941-45

U-boats vs Destroyer Escorts. Six Essential Elements of Leadership. Wesley L. Dewey and Other Naval Commanders.

82 US Navy vs IJN Fleet Submarine, 1941-42

Edward S. Stryker Combat Vehicles. Michael William. Robert C.

Us Submarines , Book by Jim Christley (Paperback) |

A Rage for Glory. James Tertius de Kay. Marines in the Marianas, Volume 2. Morning Star, Midnight Sun. Jeffrey Cox. Into the Dark Water. John Domagalski. Turning the Tide. Phlip Grove. Cordon of Steel: The U.

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Progressive Management. Edward M. Sea and Air Fighting. David Bilton.

The Little Giants. The Coral Sea Mark Stille. The naval battles for Guadalcanal Guadalcanal — US Navy Ships vs Kamikazes — Santa Cruz Malaya and Singapore — Midway The Philippine Sea The Solomons — Survival Guides. Bottle Openers.

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